Special Chyavanprash


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Chyavanphrash has been consumed as an immunity booster since the vedic times. Although, when the Chyavanprash is formulated by a learned vaidya combined with the knowledge of science, it becomes ‘Amrit’ for the consumer.

Our Special Chyavanprash is made according to ancient ayurvedic techniques and intricacies of modern science, along with the ingredients to promote the overall wellness of the body. Made from 48 herbs like amla, dashamula, ashwagandha, ashtavarga, gaughrut, saffron, etc., it is a combination of several properties and tastes at once. Our Special Chyavanprash can be consumed in all the weathers and helps dodge the unpleasant experiences of climatic change, all the while boosting your immunity, promoting good appetite and taking care of your general well being. It has also proven effective against the current pandemic – COVID19.

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Special Chyavanprash

500 gm


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